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Pre Packaged Salads

A Fresh Take on Wholesale

Kitchen Fresh Foods offers a fresh take on the traditional wholesale food program. We deliver beyond your dock with an aggressive just-in-time philosophy, USDA-certified fresh food, and award-winning customer service. Streamline your supply chain and cut labor costs by up to 20% with our hassle-free wholesale program!

Sandwhich With Chips

We Keep Things Fresh

Literally and figuratively! We offer 140 items daily, rotating through a total of 450+ food options. There’s always something new on the menu to bring to your customers.

As a USDA-approved distributor, the Kitchen Fresh Foods team meets and exceeds the industry standards for food handling and safety. Rest assured, no product passes through our doors without the stamp of approval from an on-site USDA inspector.

Build Customer Trust with Private Label

Your customers know and trust your private brand. Let us simplify your food service and vending operations even further with in-house private labeling capabilities. 

We will handle the labeling, packaging, and re-creation of your trusted products using only the finest ingredients and the cleanest production lines. Your customers will feel comfortable purchasing a product with your name on it, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your food was prepared with Kitchen Fresh Foods and USDA-approved standards.

Breakfast Sandwhich
Hero Sandwhich

Just-in-time Delivery, Every Time

With over 30 years in the wholesale distribution industry, we know that you can’t deliver on time unless we do. That’s why we have fine-tuned our delivery system to ensure just-in-time arrival from a fleet of air-ride, refrigerated trucks.

Oh and did we mention that we sort the product by end location, so you don’t have to? Just place your order and our streamlined delivery system will presort every product down to the vending machine. Another example of how Kitchen Fresh Foods can save you time and money.

Frozen Wholesale

Pb+j By Kitchen Fresh

Frozen Crustless Sammiches 

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Kitchen Fresh Food’s PB+J Sammich is a timeless, delicious snack sure to satisfy any customer. Stock your shelves with this honey, grape, or strawberry jam and creamy peanut butter sandwich compressed into a crustless white bread pocket. With only 300 calories, it’s a perfect packable snack for customers to enjoy on the go!


Direct Frozen Delivery to Your Door!

Contact our team today to inquire about ordering Frozen Crustless Sammiches through various distribution options.

America’s Favorite Sandwich

  • Ready-to-Eat
  • Low Cost-High Value
  • Protein Dense


Since opening in 1983, Tielke’s Sandwiches perfected the art of handcrafting and packaging frozen sandwiches with some of the longest shelf lives in the industry. In early 2022, Tielke’s Sandwiches was acquired by Kitchen Fresh Foods, opening the door for us to bring these quality frozen products to our customers and their consumers.

Cattleman 01

Made by Hand, Crafted with Quality

Over 30 years ago, the Tielke family started selling delicious homemade sandwiches to local businesses. Although Tielke’s has since grown from that small-town, family-run operation, the quality ingredients and handcrafted quality remain the same. Each sandwich is made the same way today as it was in the beginning — by hand.