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Kitchen Fresh Foods Services

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Simplified Wholesale

At Kitchen Fresh Foods, we understand the constraints facing your food service operation. Our wholesale program streamlines processes by providing 450+ menu items, a 99% fill rate, and just-in-time delivery. Whether ordering a unit or a truckload, our product comes presorted to your route specifications for easy stocking. Rely on our flexibility to reduce waste, labor, and wholesale hassles so you can focus fully on impressing customers.

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Direct Store Delivery

When it comes to our 100% risk-free direct store delivery (DSD) program, your convenience is our specialty. Sit back and relax as our trusted team tackles everything from placing orders and delivering the product to stocking the shelves and taking leftover inventory away. Here at Kitchen Fresh Foods, we like to call this “delivering to the last inch.”


When it comes to our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) branded retail program, your convenience is our specialty. Our in-house USDA-approved brands, Chef’s Selects and Kitchen Selects, keep your customers satisfied on the go as our trusted team tackles everything from production to order placement. Additionally, our turnkey frozen food service program, paired with a flexible distribution model and industry-leading shelf life, provide the perfect products to feature in your store.

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Browse our fresh food catalog

View our fresh food catalog showcasing breakfast, sandwiches, entrees, snacks, desserts and more—all USDA-approved and deliciously fresh.